Cappella pro Vocale

Vocal ensemble Cappella pro Vocale was founded in 1996 in Oulu, Finland. A group of people shared a common passion for singing early music. The ensemble has studied vocal music at early music courses and master classes with Evelyn Tubb, Michael Fields and Veikko Kiiver. The singers have a strong background in singing in choirs and ensembles. There are also professional musicians in the group. The name "Cappella pro Vocale" can be translated as "The Chapel of Sound" or "The Room for Voices". It relates to ensemble's strong connection to early sacred music and the versatility of vocal music. Cappella pro Vocale is performing in the UArctic Congress 2018 Opening. Listen them sing (YouTube)

Julia Sundberg & Trio Skø

The Oulu-based jazz trio with their soloist Julia Sundberg provides a new twist to both traditional and more contemporary jazz pieces with their fresh approach and adaptations. The composition consists of talented young musicians on the verge of their breakthrough, and we guarantee you’ll hear more of them in the future! Julia Sundberg & Trio Skø is playing at the Congress Dinner at Oulu Theatre. Listen them play (YouTube)


The band brings funk and soul from the 70’s to the present day! Whether you are young or old, it’s almost impossible to avoid the urge to dance when listening Millsbay! The variety of Millsbay repertoire covers groove, funk, disco and soul. Depending on the mood and situation, they can bring in some jazzy twist or Bethoven-rock, and for those feeling more old-skool they serve swing or blues. This band has something to offer for everyone! During the congress, Millsbay is playing at the Venetian Garden Party. Listen them play (YouTube)