Tulikukat Fire Art Ensamble

Tulikukka ensamble promotes fire art both nationally and internationally. Their repertoire compasses shows and performances from small celebrations to mass events. Quality is the keystone of their performances, and with years of expertise in the fire art they can guarantee an experience one will never forget!  Since their establishment, Tulikukat (Fire Flowers in English) has been one of the largest fire art ensambles in Finland, and they have more than twenty active performers across Finland. During the congress, Tulikukat is performing at the Venetian Garden Party. See them perform (YouTube).  

Polokkarit Folk Dance Ensamble

Polokkarit is an Oulu-based dance ensamble consisting of altogether thirty dancers. The ensamble is specialized in Finnish folk dances, including both traditional and contemporary variations. The ensamble’s performances are accompanied by the folk music group Noppamarkan Pelimannit. During the congress, Polokkarit is performing at the Maikkula Mansion visit and luncheon. Polokkarit website. See them dance (YouTube).