Arriving in Finland

Helsinki Airport consistently ranks among the best airports in the world, and is designed for smooth travel and transfers. Helsinki Airport offers direct and convenient routes with over two hundred international flights each day.


Traveling to/from Oulu

There are several flight connections between Helsinki and Oulu each day with Finnair and Norwegian airlines. It's also possible to take a train from Helsinki to Oulu, with ticket sales online.

Note that the distance between the two cities is 600 km. The flight time is about one hour, and traveling by train takes six hours at minimum.

Bus transportation is organized from the Oulu airport to the hotels on Sunday evening (Sept 2) and Monday morning and evening (Sept 3). See the airport transfer schedule here.


Congress location change on Thursday

With Congress events held in two cities, Oulu and Helsinki, remember to double-check that you have travel and accommodation arrangements for both cities if you participate for the whole week. Note that transportation between the cities is not included in the Congress fee, and each participant is responsible for their own travel.

The Congress moves from Oulu to Helsinki on Thursday, September 6.

Here are some flight options for the day:



There are also other flights available. Check the program pages for more information on Thursday's schedule and program details, so you can plan your travels accordingly.

Train timetables can be found from the VR (national train service) website. By train the transfer takes about six hours.


Hotels and accommodation offers

A number of rooms at various hotels in Oulu and Helsinki have been pre-booked for Congress participants. If you are staying for the whole Congress (Mon-Fri), remember to book your accommodation in both cities.

Hotels and rates for Oulu

Hotels and rates for Helsinki