Introductory speech: Environmental pluralism in the Arctic: stakeholder’s view

Yulia Zaika, Lomonosov Moscow Sate University, Russia, ISIRA Group of IASC

Arctic is the environment, the natural habitat to different species; the stage for different stakeholders presenting numerous views and agendas. Arctic is plural. Sustainable development in the Arctic is the combination of active environmentalism, adequate governance, optimal economy and efficient living based on merging scientific and traditional knowledge. Such a combination of economic, political, social and environmental aspects presents the essential balanced convergence within Arctic plurality but is beyond the grasp. How to organize this plurality in a more environmentally inclusive manner? How to accept and acknowledge, rather than mutually deny, diversity of stakeholder’s views and interests? Should we admit our inability to find an underlying principle to balance environmental interests and unifying system approach to solve environmental problems in the Arctic? This short introductory overview will deliver and present the results of in-depth interviews among different groups of Arctic experts and stakeholders to identify fitting assemblies in Arctic environmental pluralism.


Main Keynote

Lars-Otto Reiersen, Senior Advisor, UiT The Arctic University of Norway