Rights to food and health and food security in Nunavut

Theme 1. Environmental protection
Session Name 1.3 Health Promotion / Population Health 1.
Datetime Sep 05, 2018 10:30 AM - 10:47 AM (UTC +3)
Location IT113
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Natalia Loukacheva
Author(s) Natalia Loukacheva (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada)
Abstract text

Developments in international law with respect to the right to health and the right to food indicate that human rights paradigm explicitly links the matter of health and food with a broad spectrum of issues, including, inter alia, public policies, social justice, equality, discrimination, and governmental accountability. Existing international law instruments suggest that the interpretation of both rights embraces an array of questions, including, for example, proper sanitation and nutrition, an adequate access to food and health care, interests of indigenous communities, etc.

Food security is the key determinant of health. By looking at the case of food (in)security and health concerns in the territory of Nunavut, which is populated by the Inuit majority, my presentation shall explore whether the rights to health and food are ensured? It shall also explore how the issue of food (in)security is addressed to meet the Nunavummiut and Indigenous peoples’ aspirations for prosperity, socio-economic wellness, subsistence, and adequate standards of living.

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