Spatiotemporal variation of methane and carbon dioxide concentrations in the Arctic using satellite data

Theme 1. Environmental protection
Session Name 1.6 Digital Earth impacts on pan-Eurasian research projects in the Arctic
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Elena Cherepanova (ISR AEROCOSMOS, Russian Federation), Valery Bondur (ISR AEROCOSMOS, Russian Federation), Olga Voronova (ISR AEROCOSMOS, Russian Federation), Natalia Feoktistova (ISR AEROCOSMOS, Russian Federation)
Abstract text

The project is aimed on finding patterns of spatiotemporal variation of methane and carbon dioxide concentrations over the Arctic waters and territories, detection of seasonal and interannual anomalies, and trend analysis of the climate-active trace gases fluctuations over the Arctic region. The ongoing global changes in the Earth's climate correlate with the greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) concentration in the atmosphere by a positive feedback. The development of sustainable nature management in the Arctic is possible only taking into account scientifically based forecasts and assessments of the impact of climate change on the Arctic in the medium- and long-term perspective. To solve the project goals, remote sensing methods, methods of satellite images processing in various ranges of the electromagnetic wave spectrum, statistical analysis of time series of various data, geomodelling, and scientific visualization are supposed to be used. The potential impact of climate change on marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the Arctic can be assessed by using quantitative characteristics of the spatiotemporal variability of the methane and carbon dioxide concentration fields obtained by remote sensing data. It is planned to develop methodological and software solutions for the processing and analysis of satellite long-term series data, and to build a database of the research results for the test region over a given period. The reported study was funded by RFBR according to the research project № 18-05-60207.

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