The role of climate change has emerged as one of the most urgent issues in arctic tourism development. With links to sustainability, community and destination resilience, governance, regional and product development etc. it represents a highly urgent theme in tourism research. Especially in the Arctic most tourist destinations and activities are directly dependent on climate and weather. Thus the global process of climate change will most probably have a significant impact on all kinds of tourism related development and management actions. Furthermore, some tourism forms and locations for tourism are more sensitive to changes in climate than others, which may lead to a system of winners and losers in arctic tourism development in future. However, tourism may also have significant impacts on the Arctic environment. All this calls for increasing attention in tourism research on socio-ecological impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptations. This session aims to discuss global climate change and its impacts on arctic tourism and how tourism creates impacts sand changes its operational environment. The session aims to provide new approaches in the study of the impacts of tourism and the relationships between tourism and global climate change in the Arctic. This is an open session jointly hosted by the University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Northern Tourism and the International Polar Tourism Research Network.