Mutual interconnections of the Arctic nature and the cyber world. Visions of the future.

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.1 Enablement besides constraints: A multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity and its connections to human security in the Arctic
Datetime Sep 05, 2018 03:15 PM - 03:30 PM (UTC +3)
Location IT106
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Marcin Dymet
Author(s) Marcin Dymet (Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland)
Abstract text

Digitalization, understood as the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICTs) into every sphere of human activity, has begun a few decades ago. Nature and natural environment are primordial, and had existed long before human race has started to affect them. In the present article effects that ICTs exert on nature and environment are described. A particular attention is paid to the Arctic environment. The article presents also the influence of the Arctic nature on digital technologies. Finally, it refers to mutual interconnections of the Arctic nature and ICTs.

To illustrate interconnections between nature and ICTs, examples such as the Arctic World Archive in Svalbard and the idea of smart cities, are used. Smart cities, that is cities which strongly incorporate ICTs into their infrastructure, are presented here in the light of their relation to the natural environment. The article shows both positive and negative effects that might be experienced by inhabitants of this type of cities. The author illustrates mutual correlations of nature and technology, using the Arctic World Archive as a basis for a wider reflection.

The article is an attempt to look into the future. It presents potential scenarios of nature-technology relations that might emerge, with focus on the northernmost regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Existing sources, such as science-fiction literature and movies, are treated here as specific thought experiments, often based on a scientific ground. The author explores this field to give an overview of potential future outcomes of the relation between nature and technology.

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