Perceptions of professional emergency personnel on the impacts of joint emergency exercises

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.3 Innovative collaboration within Arctic safety and security management
Datetime Sep 05, 2018 03:00 PM - 03:10 PM (UTC +3)
Location IT133
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Ensieh Kheiri Pileh Roud
Author(s) Ensieh Kheiri Pileh Roud (Nord University, Norway)
Abstract text

The article aims to study whether joint emergency exercises contribute to collaboration, learning that can be useful in actual emergency and trust building. The article focus on the professional emergency personnel’s perceptions of the impacts of joint exercises. Surveys will be distributed among emergency personnel in conjunction with three international exercises that took place in the Arctic sea region (Operational Exercise Arctic Guardian of the Arctic Coast Guard Forum (ACGF), Exercise Arctic Chinook 2016, Exercise Barents 2016). The survey includes personnel at different positions within the police department, joint rescue coordination, fire department, coast guard, and rescue companies. The data will be categorized within three level of emergency management (Strategic, Operational, Tactical – this depends on data maybe we only consider operational and tactical). The findings will reveal the usefulness and the contribution of exercises in developing better emergency management in an actual event within three levels.  

Keywords: Collaboration, learning, usefulness, trust building, emergency exercises, Arctic

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