Quality of Internet connectivity in the Arctic is today far below standards we are used to in more southern regions and cities where high-speed 4G systems are a reality. In the Arctic, connectivity is either missing or comes with poor quality. This session has focus on the challenges that these communications problems cause, as well as on possible solutions.

A first aim of this session is to show technology developers and other stakeholders why properly working means of communications are needed. We welcome a wide variety of motivational contributions, including those that bring up challenges and requirements related to e-education, e-health, IoT, regional attraction, tourism, industry, etc.

A second aim is to gather insights in the economical context and today's barriers for deployment, and we invite thought-provoking contributions and models on how required investments can be brought about.

Finally, a third aim is to initiate discussions about potential solutions and enabling technologies. These could be used as starting points for further development and cooperation. Topics here include self-powered microwave/relay stations, sea cable situation and planning, large macrocell cellular systems, analysis of suitable frequencies, high speed polar satellite communications etc.