Arctic charity or Arctic taxation

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.5 Arctic tourism development: Prospects and challenges?
Datetime Sep 06, 2018 10:20 AM - 10:40 AM (UTC +3)
Location IT112
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Daria Mishina
Author(s) Daria Mishina (University of Lapland, Finland)
Abstract text

The purpose of this project is to propose a new Arctic tourism-approach: Arctic tourist taxation. In contrast to other studies, I consider whether business (especially expensive Arctic tourism) can be connected to the direct Arctic development by governmental taxation and/or charity. Specifically, I focus on the needed changes in the understanding of the Arctic tourism in general. (Under the "Arctic tourism" I analyze high-, low- and sub-Arctic territories).

Principles and goals of the “Arctic tourist taxation” or “Arctic Charity” are oriented on help, initiation and promotion of the needed Arctic development by combining business and pleasure. I found the evidence of possibility to manage a “Arctic tourist taxation” as a new program of the Arctic Council or “Arctic Charity” as an independent NGO. I propose to charge tour operators and tourists by 2% of the tour’s price for the further development of the Arctic regions. This approach will build a “checkpoint” in front of the gate to the North. The project can be implemented not only for indigenous and non-indigenous people in the Northern regions, but also for supporting Arctic ecology: animals’ protection, national parks’ building and development.  

I assume, that “Arctic tourist taxation” will not decrease the number of tourists and even attract more tourists, experts and scientists from many different countries. Every Arctic tourist is able to take part in the further Arctic development personally. The Arctic regions have a bright future, but the way it will be managed depends on our behavior and responsibilities.

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