Decolonisation of the Arctic tourism: Suggestions for future research

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.5 Arctic tourism development: Prospects and challenges?
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Daria Burnasheva (University of Warsaw, Poland)
Abstract text

The existing research on Arctic tourism has not sufficiently acknowledged the relevance of knowledge from the Arctic itself, which can help to advance knowledge in and about Arctic tourism. It is often overlooked that its development is not a one-way street. We talk about the potential of the Arctic regions for tourism development. But how often do we employ the insider perspective to it? How the tourism affects the communities, indigenous cultures and identities; how should we develop the tourism so it could be beneficial for both sides?

Therefore, for a better understanding of the Arctic tourism phenomena, we need to use the alternative way of thinking which would challenge the established views and perspectives. The indigenous methodological approach might be a useful tool for the critical analysis of the Arctic tourism. However, it does not suggest that only indigenous experiences and knowledges should be prioritised. It rather suggests that we should acknowledge its equal importance and scientific potential.  

There is an urgent necessity for academic decolonisation of the Arctic tourism. It also can be seen as a responsibility for indigenous scholars engaged in tourism studies. This paper is thus a suggestion of alternative way of thinking and knowing about Arctic tourism. As a result, questions for further research must appear. 

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