Prospects of development of the NSR as a socio-economic resource of development of the Russian state and its security

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.7 Connect or separate? Social studies of the Northern Sea Route
Presentation Type Poster
Author(s) Maxim Gutenev (South Ural State University, Russian Federation)
Abstract text

The paper is devoted to assessing the development prospects of the Northern sea route (NSR). In the article the author examines the main concerns of international investors and partners about the commercial viability of the NSR. The author proposes to deliberately and systematically implement the strategic objectives for the Arctic development, to create a comprehensive plan for the implementation of measures aimed at the development of forecasts for the development of the NSR. Despite the considerable international interest in the Russian Arctic from potential foreign partners and investors, there are also great concerns about the commercial viability of the NSR. For example, in the foreign shipbuilding and shipping companies who would be interested in the development of the NSR, there is no single point of view about the prospects of this transport corridor. Single point of view about prospects of development of the NSR there is also the foreign researchers of the Arctic. In the issue of active use of the Northern route has a lot of the issues that should be considered. The main problems today are political, economic and internal corporate barriers. One of the main vectors of development of the NSR in the twenty-first century should be the development of cooperation with foreign partners, aimed at the harmonization of rules and regulations on the using of the Northern sea corridor, as well as comprehensive work on improving its reputation and image.