The Great Ice Path: Influence of the North Sea Route on the Arctic media-image structure

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.7 Connect or separate? Social studies of the Northern Sea Route
Presentation Type Poster
Author(s) Anton Zhigunov (Omsk state university n.a. F.M. Dostoevsky, Russian Federation)
Abstract text

The Arctic is not a cold and lifeless desert anymore. The ideas and associations connected with this region usually come from media. Mass-media highlight some peculiarities that identify the Arctic as an unusual, extraordinary and interesting place: business activity, infrastructure construction, touristic attractiveness and, of course, organizing of the North Sea Route.

The present article is devoted to the media-reflection of the global Russian transport communication and trade project - the North Sea Route and role of this project in the Arctic region development.

The key methods of the research are the media-texts analysis in combination with the linguistic techniques: cognitive glossography, its analysis and determination of special cognitive features in the media-image of the Arctic.

The nominations and definitions of different phenomena and objects, connected with the planning and activity of the North Sea Route change the position of the region in the algorithm of political decision making processes, actualize new transport vector uniting America, Europe and Asia. Therefore today’s media interpretation of the characteristics and impact of the Route are modeling New Arctic, a region of the future, full of changes and challenges.