Human resources perspectives of the Northern Sea Route

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.7 Connect or separate? Social studies of the Northern Sea Route
Presentation Type Poster
Author(s) Larisa Serova (Petrozavodsk State University, Russian Federation), Alexandra Kekkonen (Petrozavodsk State University, Russian Federation)
Abstract text

The Northern Sea Route has an important role in the development of the Arctic zone and the Far East of the Russian Federation. It is also strategically important macro-region for the development of national industry and attraction of foreign investment in the Russian political and scientific discourse . The development of transport infrastructure plays an important role of the spatial development due to the multiplicative effect. But what difficulties can the country face in the implementation of conceived development programs? Researchers of the Budget Monitoring Center of PetrSU conducted an analysis of the Northern Sea Route development and the economy of coastal communities through human resources perspective. The strategic documents for the regional development and implementation of investment projects were analyzed. Based on the developed macroeconomic forecasting methodology, taking into account the analysis carried out, as well as the personnel requests of large employers and investors, a medium and long-term forecast of staffing requirements for selected regions was made in section of main types of economic activities and occupations. As a result, a "picture" of the development of the Northern Sea Route were obtained from the perspective of labor resources needs. The sources of shortages coverage including the training and retraining of personnel in educational organizations, as well as migration processes for demanded and scarce professions, were identified. As a result, recommendations and measures were proposed to overcome the "personnel shortage" in the border areas of the Northern Sea Route.