The EU´s cross-border cooperation as a tool for regional development in the Arctic.

Theme 2. Connectivity
Session Name 2.10 Self-governance and regional development in the High North: What (and how) information is used for strategic development?
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Paula Tulppo
Author(s) Paula Tulppo (University of Lapland, Arctic Centre, Finland)
Abstract text

Regional development is about manageability, values and change, where one or more actors get involved in the development of a certain region. The future operating conditions of the region and its developmental possibilities related to the developmental path in the past are considered. Regional development is multi-dimensional and pluralistic discussion about goals, visions, and experiences related to the future and development.

Regional development can be implemented widely from the local to the global scale. Economic dimension has historically been at the forefront of describing what constitutes regional development but this focus has broadened since the mid 1990s in an attempt to address social, ecological, political and cultural concerns. By the 2000s, “development” had broadened further to incorporate sustainability and holistic or integrated approaches to economic, social, and environmental concerns. Nevertheless, discussion about values should be in the core of every genuine democratic aims of regional development.

The government and governance of development has come to the forefront at the supranational level on macro-level blocks, such as the European Union. One tool for regional development in the EU is cross-border cooperation. In the presentation it will be examined, what kind of a tool one of the EU´s cross-border cooperation programme Interreg A North is, and what kind of policy is included in the programme. What kind of values and procedures the programme addresses and also, how local resources and circumstances have been included in the programme. These views will be examined based on the public documents of the programme.  

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