Education is of critical importance for the Arctic. Regardless of the level, education (at all levels and jurisdictions) is a key way for Arctic residents to become empowered and realize positive capacity development.  However, a key question would be how do we educate non-Arctic residents about the region? This could occur in many ways, and one tool is the use of tourism.  In this session we hope to showcase some of the educational approaches used by tour operators, regional destination marketing organizations, and other stakeholders in the sector share information about the region (or their sub-region), but also how education is used to raise awareness, drive behaviour change, or shape visitor experiences, as needed.  There are a number of examples of how tourism is also a topic for educational collaboration.  This is an important addition as it often links higher education partners into the industry/community dialogue.

This is an open session. The session is jointly hosted by the University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Northern Tourism and the International Polar Tourism Research Network.