X2068, co-producing common stories, knowledge and future of the Arctic

Theme 4. Education
Session Name 4.5 Formal and informal education in Arctic studies and science outreach in the Arctic
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Christine Cynn (ice-9, Norway), Valentin Manz (ice-9, Norway), Anneli Stiberg (ice-9, Norway), Ann E. Lennert (Ice-9 and The Arctic University of Norway, UiT, Norway)
Abstract text

In a changing Arctic, society is facing multidisciplinary challenges, that requires new education strategies, to build a co-productive understanding and knowledge, as well as a co-responsibility of the future. As a group of artists, writers, storytellers, filmmakers, and researchers, we present a project that builds experimental spaces for productive play with research and stories, meeting a multidisciplinary approach combining knowledge from different disciplines and penetrating though all levels of society. These spaces are online, on the street, in classrooms and museums. Our strategy is improvisational, collaborative, and networked. Collaborating with researches and using their research-based facts, found the basis of these spaces, where we communicate issues of contemporary concern adapted to the age of youth, and discuss and reflect issues and possible solutions. Fazing between formal and informal education in Arctic topics and themes on different levels, we present an alternative way in outreach activities related to Arctic studies, not only for researchers, but the wider public, making knowledge sustainable. Not at least, we present processes that create positive feedback loops between science, art, and education, supporting a transition towards a knowledge-based circular economy in an inclusive, just, and democratic global society. 

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