Museum about Polar regions in Turkey

Theme 4. Education
Session Name 4.11 Education and capacity building about Polar regions through science: Tools, resources, and lessons engaging in education, outreach, and communication
Presentation Type Poster
Presenter Sinan Yirmibesoglu
Author(s) Sinan Yirmibesoglu (Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center, Turkey), Ozgun Oktar (Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center, Turkey), Burcu Ozsoy (Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center, Turkey)
Abstract text

Teaching techniques and skills're changing. Nowadays, students want to see more realistic methods to understand the world, by using photographs and videos. Students want to search everything they need on internet rather than reading books. Visual display is helpful to remember things, however there is a stronger way to learn such as kinesthetically. People who live in the mid-latitudes can’t afford to go to Polar Regions easily. People wonder about places which they can’t see or go, as a human instinct. If they can’t, the technology can bring remote areas to public by 3D realistic modelling and museums without harming the environment. Museum and 3D modelling effects on students and even adults in positive way. People who enter the museums, feel the environment almost as real. Scientific studies and environment of the Polar Regions are important for the world. Such as there're unique animals live only in Polar Regions. Understanding Polar Regions is important for its future especially Arctic because of melting ratio of sea ice. As an example, Turkey is a mid-latitude nation. After Turkish Antarctic Expedition – II (TAE-II) conducted by the Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center, first polar museum is going to open in Turkey to show Arctic and Antarctic environment to public. It's important to learn what is the pole and why it is significant. In museum there will be 3D-models, cold room which represents polar weather, scientific-experiments, seminar room etc. Anyone who cannot have the opportunity visit Polar Regions will understand at least by visiting.