The relationship between polar research and education

Theme 4. Education
Session Name 4.11 Education and capacity building about Polar regions through science: Tools, resources, and lessons engaging in education, outreach, and communication
Presentation Type Poster
Presenter Deniz Vural
Author(s) Deniz Vural (Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center, Turkey), Burcu Ozsoy (Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Center, Turkey)
Abstract text

How the ocean current system is a key role in the occurance of all climate balance and the maintenance of the sustainability of the ecosystem, the education and awareness are also  effective illuminating studies on polar researches. Regarding causes and consequences of the Global Climate Change, the equilibrium parameters, which is the glacial ages since the beginning, the importance of the ocean current system, the food chain for ecosystem, the greenhouse gases, Antarctic and Arctic, sea ice etc. , are given in presentations to remind the individual responsibilities of every person by drawing the story of Earth’s future. The aim of outreach activities are to focus the science in didactic way appealing to both children and the students in college. While concentrating upon the visible mind of elementary ages to imagine the polar conditions, the basic scienific experiments are related on high schools to give them chance to work in scientific bases as possible. Thus, having the underlying reasons the subject they know, the students are getting able to carry out more realistic and subject-related studies. According to surveys, approximately 4000 student were reached by education and awareness studies in parallel with different age and different study activity purpose. As Turkish Students’ Polar Research Team(PolSTeam), who achieves the goals were written shortly, will be explained in the conference.