Developing students’ working life skills in the HSEQ Training Park

Theme 4. Education
Session Name 4.12 Creating knowledge and developing practices:Arctic citizen science in quality education and decent work
Datetime Sep 05, 2018 05:15 PM - 05:30 PM (UTC +3)
Location IT135
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Maria Lindholm
Author(s) Maria Lindholm (University of Oulu, Finland), Seppo Väyrynen (University of Oulu, Finland), Liisa Kiviniemi (University of Applied Sciences of Oulu, Finland), Eija Rajakangas (University of Applied Sciences of Oulu, Finland), Minna-Liisa Myllylä (Oulu Vocational College, Finland)
Abstract text

Despite a strong substance competence that students have after graduating, they need abilities to adapt to the working life. The ESF –funded (European Social Fund) project Prepared for working life! (in Finnish Valmiina työelämään!) (11/2015 – 10/2018) aims to develop students’ working life knowledge and skills in all educational levels. Institutions involved are Universities of Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Lapland, Universities of Applied Sciences of Oulu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa, Saimaa and Turku, and Oulu Vocational College. The project utilize virtual learning and produces nationally usable study modules that prepare students for working life.

In Oulu, all three educational levels, i.e. university, polytechnics and vocational college, collaborate. The Oulu project team also cooperates with the HSEQ Training Park, which consists of full-scale spaces, workstations and work task situations with tools and equipment, in order to teach occupational health and safety matters and practice professional interaction. Students have visited the HSEQ Training Park in Northern Finland in multidisciplinary groups as students from all three educational levels participated, and now an escape room stylish game is under development. The problems that need to be solved are related to training point’s themes and require numerical and verbal reasoning. QR-codes and augmented reality software are utilized in the tasks.

Studying in multidisciplinary groups promotes the understanding about the others’ professional skills and strengthens cooperative skills. Preliminary results from utilizing the HSEQ Training Park escape room game are presented in the conference.

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