This session aims to discuss on the interplay between science, politics and business, or ‘science diplomacy’, in general and in particular dealing with the Arctic region. The Arctic is here an interesting geopolitical context and a promising case study. The interplay between science and politics has been implemented in Arctic affairs in general and in particular, in the policy-shaping of the Arctic Council and its working groups. Also the interplay between science, politics and economics/business is implemented in the Arctic region - locally, regionally and globally, and in the context of the Arctic Economic Council. The session will firstly, examine, discuss and analyze how the interplay has been implemented, and what kind of (best) practices are there. Secondly, it will discuss what is the relevance of science to, and possible needs for, decision-making, and what are estimated influences/impacts of the interplay.

The papers might include, but are not limited to, topics as following:

  • Implementation of the social relevance of science

  • Possible best practices in the Arctic context

  • Estimated influences and impacts of the interplay

  • Do policy-makers listen, enough, science and scientific findings? And if not, how to have them to listen?

  • What is the relevance of science to decision-making?

  • How can science contribute and benefit politics and business, and should it?