One of the main challenges of the present, i.e. sustainable development of the world's regions becomes a truly global issue of a planetary-scale importance in the case of the circumpolar Arctic. For all Arctic and sub-Arctic states, the problem of sustainable development of this region has never been so crucial as it is now: today the Arctic – together with the related countries – enters a new era of industrial development, rapid economic and infrastructural growth and … into totally new climatic conditions. In the light of the world trend, i.e. searching for ideas of protecting local ecosystems, creating favorable living conditions and enhancing human well-being, the changing Arctic provides an ideal testing ground for experimenting with the most daring as well as ethically and environmentally friendly solutions with respect to the spatial development of territories, for developing optimal life-support systems, and for protecting and activating the cultural capital of local indigenous communities.
Under the general priority of education, this session proposes Arctic design as a mode of thinking, acting and constructing the world. The session will bring together young researchers and practitioners working within the Arctic Design framework and similar intellectual perspectives. We invite presentations that shift the vector of Arctic studies on environmental change and human adaptation towards materiality through design research and creative practice.