Duodji as a way of thinking – passing on the duodji knowledge to next generation

Theme 4. Education
Session Name 4.14 Arctic design: Thinking our way out of the global change
Datetime Sep 07, 2018 09:50 AM - 10:00 AM (UTC +3)
Location Room 9
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Hanna Helander
Author(s) Hanna Helander (Sámi Archive, Finland)
Abstract text

Duodji is Sámi handicraft and design. It has formed through practical needs of the Sámi and materials available in the arctic environment. But duodji is not only artifacts; there is also a way of thinking behind it. Feelings, values, worldview are also part of the duodji. This duodji knowledge has passed on before from generation to generation by word of mouth and through practical doing. The duodji knowledge is adaptive and each generation adapt the knowledge to the circumstances’ their face. Ecological thinking forms big part og the duodji knowledge.

AIDA – Arctic Indigenous Design Archives is a co-operation project of three parties: Sámi Archive in Finland, Ájtte museum in Sweden and Sámi Allaskuvla in Norway. The purpose of the AIDA-project is to store and increase knowledge about Sámi duodji thinking. The Sámi Archive and the Ájtte museum collect documents from duojárs’ (Sámi artisan/designer) which reflect duojárs’ creative work, duodji thinking and marketing of their duodji.

Beside collecting and storing the duodji thinking the purpose of the AIDA-project is to pass on the duodji knowledge like problem solving skills to the next generation. The project creates duodji learning material and organizes duodji learning workshops inspired by the duojars’ archives.

The presentation introduces the AIDA-project and emphasizes duodji as a way of thinking.

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