Enhancing Arctic tourism experience through design: Case studies from the Russian North

Theme 4. Education
Session Name 4.14 Arctic design: Thinking our way out of the global change
Datetime Sep 07, 2018 10:00 AM - 10:10 AM (UTC +3)
Location Room 9
Presentation Type Oral
Presenter Maria Gostyaeva
Author(s) Maria Gostyaeva (Ural State University of Architecture and Art, Russian Federation)
Abstract text

The paper presents the analytic overview of the projects conducted by MA students of the Arctic Design School, Ural State University of Architecture and Arts, Yekaterinburg, Russia, during the period 2005–2016, with the aim to envision future possibilities of tourism development in environmentally and culturally fragile regions. With geographical focus on the Russian North – with its unique natural and cultural landscape – the described projects put forward the potential of a design-driven approach to transform the severity of the Arctic environment into the major part of tourist experience. Through the detailed exploration of the existing variety of the region’s tourism resources designers come up with proposals of different forms of mutually beneficial cooperation between local indigenous communities and tourists as temporary visitors.This approach opens a new transdisciplinary track in the Arctic studies by the comprehensive consideration of successful adaptation of Arctic indigenous people, i.e. their ways of dealing with severe natural conditions through life support systems embodied in man-made things. Particularly, it will contribute to the development of the sector of Arctic tourism enabling experience- and value creation. The data for this study were collected through ethnographic fieldwork, with the main focus on participant observation, which relies not on words and conversations, but mostly on actions.The paper consists of two parts: first, it provides an overview of the concepts of Arctic tourism from the design perspective. Then it introduces the idea of ‘protecting by consuming’ via four case studies. 

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