Based on earlier studies on LGBTIQ people among the Sámi and on the preliminary results of the report The Rights and Multiple Discrimination of Minorities within Minorities: Sámi persons with disabilities and sexual and gender minorities (Olsén, Heinämäki & Harkoma 2017), we propose to organize a scientific session on LGBTIQ people within the Arctic indigenous peoples. In Finland, Norway and Sweden Sámi LGBTIQ people live as minorities within minority and face some challenges in being visible and in getting their voice heard in the societies. Actualizing their human rights comprehensively in the Nordic countries is also a challenge for the states. In the work against multiple discrimination against Sámi LGBTIQ people, awareness raising and education are seen as two relevant tools/means to improve their position and to prevent discrimination in the societies.

What is the situations of LGBTIQ people within indigenous peoples in other arctic regions? Which kind of challenges they face in the arctic societies and how they have coped with these challenges? Which kind of mechanisms they have used to raise awareness in their societies? In this session we want to invite people to discuss on issues concerning LGBTIQ people within indigenous peoples living in the Arctic. We want to encourage especially speakers/presenters who belong to indigenous peoples to use also other means/methods in addition to power point presentations to express their ideas, for example when it comes to indigenous knowledge in culturally respectful ways.