Comparative psychological analysis of activity of drivers engaged in diamond mining in the Far North

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.9 Work in the Arctic
Datetime Sep 06, 2018 10:35 AM - 10:50 AM (UTC +3)
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Julia Rudakova (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russian Federation), Yana Korneeva (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russian Federation)
Abstract text

The study was sponsored by the Russian President's grant for state support of young Russian scientists - PhD (МК-6409.2018.6). The Arctic is characterized by extreme climatic conditions and a wealth of raw materials. Diamond mining enterprises are among the developed fields in the Far North. This area is far from industrial centers. Therefore, a shift work method is used. The study showed that the work of drivers and machinists in the mining industry are characterized by high intensity and complexity. It is necessary to optimize the professional selection for this position. We divided all drivers according to the nature of the activity into two large groups: motor grader drivers and drivers of off-road trucks are different psychological requirements are imposed on the above groups of drivers. The requirements correspond to nature of activities performed by them. The study involved 38 drivers, 16 of them are off-road dump truck drivers and 22 are motor grader drivers. The average age is 41.37 ± 9.107. Research methods are document analysis, questionnaires and psychological testing. We have drawn conclusions that the main differences between groups of professions are specificity, performance tasks, functions and actions. The activity of the drivers is more connected with the management of machinery, the implementation of complex, maneuvering passages in a certain locality, with the set purpose, the functionality of the off-road dump truck driver is primarily connected with the performance of loading and unloading operations, the fulfillment of the plan and the time schedule.

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