Posttraumatic growth as a positive aspect of professional deformation in law-enforcement officers police in Circumpolar region

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.9 Work in the Arctic
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Author(s) Anna N. Zelianina (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russian Federation), Larisa P. Smirnova (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russian Federation)
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The subject of posttraumatic growth is of topical interest because of the increasing amount of stress penetrating every area of our life. It is not a secret that traumatic events can produce many physical and psychological consequences. While interestingly, there are no posttraumatic stress disorders in survivors’ psychic brought about by the calamities in their life. The posttraumatic growth is the phenomenon of positive personality change, caused by the efforts to survive through the most horrible sets of circumstances. There are many events that can work as a trigger of posttraumatic growth. In this paper we are describing posttraumatic growth as aspect of professional deformation in law-enforcement officers police in Circumpolar region. The subjects is high relevant for Circumpolar region because of additional influence of northern factors on human welfare. In this research we have based on qualitative analysis of data with applying of program OpenCode 4.02 []. We have used phenomenal approach. On the base of analysis of literature data, we have prepared semi-structured interview. The points of interview allowed us find the answers for such research questions as: What kinds of positive changes in personality and in life of law-enforcement officers were caused by factors of police services in Circumpolar region? Where and how law-enforcement officers can apply positive changes of personality. Purposive sampling and snowball sampling were the main ways of informant selection. We have examined 30 informants, men in middle adulthood, law-enforcement officers, who live and police in Circumpolar region.