Visions for educating professionals for Arctic mining workforce and virtual education

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.9 Work in the Arctic
Location IT106
Presentation Type Poster
Presenter Kai Ryynänen
Author(s) Kai Ryynänen (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland), Hannele Zubeck (University of Alaska Anchorage, USA), Lauri Saarelainen (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland), Jyrki Huhtaniska (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
Abstract text

This paper will show how existing courses help students to prepare for jobs in mining industry in the Arctic and forecasts need for future curriculum development. 


In Alaska, USA, University of Alaska Anchorage currently offers several on-line courses in topics important to mining in Arctic conditions. These include Arctic Engineering, Geology, Occupational Safety and Health and Alaska Native Perspectives courses.


In Finland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences has developed Mining Engineering curriculum and is able to supply wide range of studies in excavation and sustainable beneficiation technologies. Mine safety is area of emphasis that is supported with virtual learning environment for students to adopt safe approach already in studying phase.