Circular Economy for students in Universities of Applied Sciences

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.9 Work in the Arctic
Location IT106
Presentation Type Poster
Presenter Kai Ryynänen
Author(s) Kai Ryynänen (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland), Anne-Mari Väisänen (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland), Kalle Santala (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland), Janne Poikajärvi (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland), MIkko Vatanen (Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
Abstract text

Bio-refineries are formed by mergers of companies that utilize side streams of forest and wood products industry as raw materials and new products. Sustainable use of renewable resources requires an understanding of rotary economy and resource and energy efficiency.


The forestry and wood products industry generates a large number of side streams, whose utilization as ecological raw materials has had a practical rotational economy at its best. In addition to utilizing the traditional black liquor and peach fragments, new bio-refineries can be used to distinguish completely new raw materials from the side streams of the process, enabling new business not only for the industry itself, but also for the exploiting SMEs. 


Construction involves a lot of construction waste and recyclable material. Resource and eco-efficiency are part of building life cycle assessment practices. Material efficiency of renovation and renovation construction, waste management at work site and environmental impact assessment require new rotary engineering expertise.


Building on the understanding of the environmental impacts of construction and the importance of material efficiency as part of resource efficiency and eco-efficiency has increased, and material efficiency goals are part of building life cycle assessment practices. Valuation of used building materials and products has also increased in recent years. 


This paper will show how Lapland University of Applied Sciences will help students to prepare for jobs in growing circular economy industry in Finland.