Svalbard Science Forum: Connecting Arctic research

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.12 Connecting polar research, policy and stakeholders across scales - examples from Europe and beyond
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Helen Andersen (Svalbard Science Forum, Norway), Cecilia A. M. Sandström (Svalbard Science Forum, Norway), Margrete N. S. Keyser (Svalbard Science Forum, Norway), Carina Leander (Svalbard Science Forum, Norway)
Abstract text

Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) promotes coordination and collaborative efforts in research activities in Svalbard. Our objective is to contribute to the development of Svalbard as a platform for international research cooperation in the Arctic and enforce Svalbard's position as a key location in high Arctic research.

SSF is actively working towards helping both scientists and management and strives to simplify registration of research projects, bookings of logistics and applications to the Governor of Svalbard by offering all services in one portal: "Research in Svalbard" (RiS). SSF is managing this open access portal which contains abstracts and meta data to more than 3500 Svalbard related projects, a valuable source of information about current and future research activities connected to Svalbard. When creating a new project in RiS, the function awareness matches your project with already registered projects based on given key words, to stimulate cooperation on Arctic logistics, cross-disciplinary cooperation and exchange of information and the share of data.

To achieve our strategic goals, increased coordination, cooperation, data sharing and reduced environmental impact, SSF administers two funding schemes targeted towards the Svalbard research community. Svalbard Strategic Grant supports seed money for workshops and collaborative activities where the goal is to enhance international and inter-disciplinary cooperation and/or initiate pilot studies for planning of larger projects with relevance to Svalbard. Arctic Field Grant is directed to young talented scientist to support the additional costs that field work in the remote Arctic areas of Svalbard and Jan Mayen can result in.

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