Science Diplomacy is an international, interdisciplinary and inclusive process involving evidence integration to balance national interests and common interests for the benefit of all on Earth. This session, will explore the role of science diplomacy in the sustainable development of the Arctic. Rapid and sustained environmental and socioeconomic changes in the Arctic present new opportunities and risks to a myriad of actors on local, regional, and global levels. International collaborations among social and natural scientists, local knowledge holders, and policy makers are crucial in promoting informed decision-making in the Arctic. We invite submissions to the session that articulate and examine contributions of existing research programs, projects, and collaborations to science diplomacy, reflecting on how transnational, transdisciplinary research supports building common interests in the Arctic. The format of the session will include short presentations followed by moderated, roundtable discussions. The roundtables will be moderated by a natural scientist, a social scientist, and an Indigenous knowledge holder. All participants will be invited to co-author a synthesis paper based on the presentations and discussion that will be published in Science Diplomacy Action (