Co-creating wise (and difficult) responsibility through dialogic writing in these uncertain times

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.14 Science diplomacy dialogue: Building common interests in the Arctic
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Hanna Ellen Guttorm (University of Helsinki, Finland), Teija Löytönen (Aalto University, Finland)
Abstract text

We live in highly complicated times, where we have huge amount of (scientific and other kinds of) knowledge, which should enable us to do wise decisions concerning the life of the inhabitants of the Earth. The challenges concerning our generations are nevertheless highly complicated and demanding and even we scholars are lost.

This multi voiced dialogue attempts to accept the messiness and uncertainty of our time, and starts in the middle of the thisness with new materialist and posthumanist theorizations, as well as Indigenous ontologies. This is sophisticated not-knowing between and beyond arts, philosophies and sciences, and/but "meeting each moment" as an invitation for doing otherwise and "taking responsibility for the role that we play in the world’s differential becoming" (Barad 2007).

There are no easy answers in the challenges set by our times. But, how uncertain can a ‘writer’ as an ‘academic’ write in these prevailing institutional cultures of universities? What and how we come to know, how do we approach our life and others inside and outside the academia?  What are we risking? How is writing moving us? Is it possible to resist answering the questions we dwell and become with? How can we remain asking? How do we invite people to co-construct responsible decisions, which may move us ourselves from our comfort zones in many levels? How can we scholars write, think and move in our academic action and re-actions in ways, which make a difference in the reader towards sustainability?

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