The influence of the process of the deer’s wanted on the quality of animals in Chuckhei

Theme 5. Other
Session Name 5.18 The role of traditional knowledge in Arctic education research and innovations
Location IT112
Presentation Type Oral
Author(s) Svetlana Chernyshova (Institute of the Peoples of the North at the Herzen University, Russian Federation), Angelina Terletskaya (Institute of the Peoples of the North at the Herzen University, Russian Federation), Tatiana Terletskaya (Municipal Autonomous Educational Institution of Additional Education "Bilibino School of Arts" )
Abstract text

Due to the fact that the main component of the nutrition of the indigenous population of the Bilibino region of Chukotka is venison, we need a systematic study of the Chukchi food culture aimed at identifying all the processes associated with the production of livestock products. For example, it is important to study the process of slaughtering deer, which, in our opinion, determines the taste of meat. This process consists of several stages, which require certain knowledge, skills and habits from deer-breeding peoples. But these processes have their own specific differences in different reindeer herding communities.

Identification of traditional methods of production of livestock products allows us to sharpen the research interest in the peculiarities of the slaughter of reindeer breeders in Bilibino district, which is of great importance in the process of traditional production of livestock products. Among these stages, the most significant, in our opinion, are: the choice of the temporary slaughter period, the method of deer fishing, the method of stamping a deer, the method of cutting a deer carcass, etc.


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