UArctic Congress is organized and held jointly with Arctic Circle Assembly, therefore some of the sessions submitted and accepted to the UArctic Congress will be held in a joint day on Oct 8. The same procedures are used in both the UArctic Congress and Arctic Circle session calls: session descriptions and content with session conveners  responsible for their organizing their own session program, including inviting and deciding the speakers and the presentations to be held in their session. After a session is accepted by the UArctic Congress Program Committee the session conveners are asked to submit complete session descriptions with the confirmed list of speakers and presenters (including titles of their presentations and possible list of posters and presenters).

Importantly, this also means that there is no separate UArctic Congress abstract call, and no abstracts of the presentations will be collected or published. We we published, as before, the complete program with sessions descriptions, speakers and presenters, and possible posters (name, title of the presentation) along with the information on the venue, time and place. Sessions will be organized in different ways and will be comprised of dialogue and discussions, oral and poster presentations, and panel or round table discussions. We aim is to have publish the program online, including dates and venues, in late May/early June 2020.

We anticipate to have seven to eight parallel sessions slots on October 6-7 at the University of Iceland, which is also the venue for the poster presentations.  The sessions to be held in Oct 8 in a joint day with Arctic Circle Assembly will also be part of the Arctic Circle Assembly program to be held at Harpa. See also information on organizing Side Events.

We are closely following to the COVID-19 pandemic which may affect the organization of the UArctic Congress 2020. At the moment we continue our plans and hoping that we will able to held a physical UArctic Congress 2020 in October. Depending on how the situation develops, we will coordinate our planning with Arctic Circle to give sufficient advanced warning to minimize any potential financial impact on participants.

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