Topics of the Session

Digitization of knowledge, open science and ‘big data’ are quickly gaining ground all over the world. This session invites Council members to openly discuss key topics of how research is published, measured, and what are the gaps and challenges of these trends in relation to the Arctic sciences. Questions of the session:

  • How do we measure impact and quality of our shared research and education efforts?
  • Is it possible to capture research collaboration and mobility, jointly analyse research trends relevant to the Arctic?
  • Can we quantify collaboration between research organisations and business in the Arctic regions
  • Is there a unique place for Arctic knowledge beyond publications?
  • Can metrics and big data benefit real-life solutions and decision making across Arctic communities and researchers?
  • Is there an Arctic research quality, what is it and can it be quantified?
  • What are the recommendations Arctic researchers and educators can make to the publishers and information providers?

Speakers of the Session

  • Igor Osipov, Chair UArctic Science & Research Analytics Institute
  • Sergey Aplonov, Professor, Vice-Rector, Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Lars Kullerud, President of UArctic
  • James Wilsdon, Professor, University of Sheffield, author of “The Metric Tide” (via Skype)
  • Laurie Haak, CEO, ORCID (via Skype) / Ivo Wijnbergen, ORCID
  • Daniel Hook, Professor, Imperial College London / CEO, Digital Science
  • Robert Rich, Executive Director, ARCUS Consortium