The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) operates at three locations in SW-Iceland. The main offices, teaching and research facilities are located at Hvanneyri in Borgarbyggð, approximately one hour drive west from Reykjavík. Keldnaholt, some 15 min drive from Reykjavík Centre, houses a significant part of the academic staff and some research facilities. Reykir in Ölfus (Hveragerði), some 45 min drive to the south from Reykjavík, is the centre of horticultural research and education at AUI. All places offer various facilities for meetings and workshops. Hvanneyri and Reykir offer, in addition, a tranquil and inviting nature and atmosphere away from the bustle of the capital city.  

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The Iceland University of the Arts is located in three different locations in the city of Reykjavik; the Department of Design and Architecture is located in Þverholt (Thverholt 11), close to Hlemmur the central city bus terminal in Reykjavik, whereas the Department of Fine Art, the Department of Art Education, and the Department of Performing Arts are located in Laugarnesvegur 91, about 15-20 min walk along the coast from Harpa, and in Skipholt 31, about 15 min walk from Hlemmur terminal.  With prior notice there are rooms of different sizes available, ranging from small seminar rooms to lecture halls. There is on-site catering on weekdays in Laugarnes and there is also a good restaurant, Café Laugarlækur, nearby. There is no in-house catering at the campus of Thverholt and Skipholt but they are situated close to variety of reasonably priced restaurants.

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Situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Reykjavik, close to the city's centre and right next to Iceland's only geothermal beach, the Reykjavik University campus offers modern first-rate facilities. The building has well equipped classrooms and meeting rooms, which are available, primarily in the afternoon. 

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The University Centre of the Westfjords is located in the very north west of Iceland and has been a member of UArctic since 2006. It is the smallest institution operating on higher education level in Iceland and side events will here find a warm welcome in a cool environment. Rooms of various sizes are available within UW or in the town of Ísafjörður, with its 2500 inhabitants. As of the size of the town and the Centre, all events need to be tailor-made. 

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The University of Akureyri is situated in Northern Iceland in attractive natural surroundings. Rooms of various sizes and types (with capacity ranging between 10 and 80 persons) can be reserved for meetings and workshops, both in the main campus of the university and in the research and innovation centre Borgir, which houses a number of institutions related to Arctic issues. On-site catering is available on the main campus on weekdays.

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