Building on ongoing academic efforts to better understand gender in the Arctic, "Women of the Arctic" seeks to carve out a non-academic space for women and girls who work on or live in the Arctic to explore the roles and contributions of women to northern policy-making, research, exploration, art, activism, and daily life.

As the Arctic conference landscape continues to grow steadily, initiatives focusing on Arctic women specifically – the successes they achieve and the challenges they face – remain few and far between. "Women of the Arctic" seeks to fill this critical gap and reach beyond the academic sphere to illuminate the stories and perspectives of a broad range of women. Ultimately, the objective is to create an awareness of, and promote a continued focus on, issues relating to northern women and non-Arctic women who engage with Polar realities.

Supported by funding from NordForsk, "Women of the Arctic" will collaborate with Arctic Cycle playwright Chantal Bilodeau and its organizers will work with the creative communications collective What Took You So Long to maintain a long-term focus on the issues raised during this two-day side-event by building a digital storytelling platform dedicated to women and gender in the Arctic.

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