University of WashingtonThe Field Engineer will be expected to:
1. Serve as primary APL Field Engineer supporting the US Navy's Arctic Submarine Laboratory's sea-ice experiments.
2. Be responsible for constructing, testing, repairing and refurbishing arctic sea-ice operations equipment; maintaining an electronic media inventory of all equipment and supplies; ordering new hardware and materials; and coordinating field work with the APL Sr. Engineer and
support staff from military and civilian organizations.
3. Conduct shipboard, at-sea, and arctic sea-ice installation, test, and repair of highly complex equipment.
4. Assume responsibility for safe and effective field operation complex equipment, including on-the-spot repair and maintenance when necessary.
5. Participate in other APL-UW projects during non-arctic camp time
6. Participate in arctic sea-ice camp planning and design meetings.
7. Serve as a liaison and consult with staff members from sponsoring federal agencies, military units, and civilian contractors on technical matters.

The successful candidate must possess:
1. An Associate's degree in Engineering Sciences or related field and 6 or more years of related work experience
2. Experience in arctic sea-ice operations
3. Experience with setup, operation, and repair of power electrical systems (<10kW
generators), small engine mechanics (e.g., snowmobile)
4. Sound decision-making skills and good judgment
5. Team building skills
6. Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communications skills, including an ability to deal effectively with people in extreme environments and conditions
7. Self-motivation and an ability to work well in a team atmosphere, interacting cooperatively with people from diverse organizations, backgrounds, and academic levels Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration.

For half a century APL-UW ocean engineers have demonstrated expertise in science and technology that has gained them a national reputation. The Ocean Engineering Department serves as a resource to scientists at APL-UW, the University of Washington, other research organizations, and the U.S. Navy. The Ocean Engineering Department provides the engineering expertise and know-how to support ambitious basic and applied research programs in extreme environments around the globe, from the Arctic to the depths of the oceans.

To apply, search for Requisition number 42499, under "Staff Jobs" at: