BarentsInstituteThe joint research programme is called “The Construction and Negotiation of Borders: Discourses Related to the Border between Norway and Russia” and has been granted funding for three years. The overarching research question in this project is: How do people on different arenas cross and negotiate the border in performing their lives, professionally or privately, and how are different discourses concerning the border, borderland and the border discourses created and inscribed in these processes?

hifmBarents Institute fellows involved in this are Urban Wråkberg, Jessica Shadian and Helena Jokila. Jokila will have the main part of her funding for a post-doc from this programme. The research will commence in 2008 and be partly related to the collaboration between the Barents Institute and the University College of Finnmark regarding the Barents International School: Campus Kirkenes. This up-coming border study research programme is presented in more detail on the BAI research web pages.
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