9 – 10.15:
Multiculturalism in the Arctic: Challenges for Social Work.
Presentation by Eva Wikström, Sweden

10.30- 11.45:
“Social Care of Elderly in Russia: Actors and Issues”
Presentation by Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Russia
Discussion of Care for old people in other arctic countries

12.00 - 13.00:
“Social Workers as Change Agents: case studies from Russia”.
Presentation by Pavel Romanov, Russia
Discussion of related situations in other arctic countries.

13 – 14: Lunch

Parallell sessions: 14.00 – 17.00
• Session One: “Social Work with Families” leaders of workshop: Lennart Nygren University of Umeå and Siv Oltedal, University of Nordland (UiN)

• Session Two: “Challenges for Public Policy and Social Work Practices in the Arctic”. Leaders of the workshop Tarja Orjasniemi, University of Lapland, Gunn Strand Hutchinson, UiN and Rolv Lyngstad, UiN

17-18: Annual meeting in TNSWUA; discussing further work in the network.

We are going to arrange the conference at Sjøfartshotellet Stockholm. You can order room at:
Scandic Sjöfartshotellet
Katarinavägen 26
104 65 Stockholm
Hotell: 08 517 349 00
Fax: 08 517 349 11

When you are booking room you can refer to the agreement made by Siv Oltedal. We have pre-booked 25 rooms. This booking agreement is available till the 1st of June – one month before the actual seminar.

We are aiming at supporting hotel expenses for two representatives (members of the steering committee) from each country that are represented in the Thematic Network - Social Work.

No conference fee.

Please send an email to before 1st of June to register for the conference.