Arkhangelsk, Russia has been chosen to host the summit, as it is the largest city in the Arctic. The main venues for the event are the Northern Arctic Federal University and the Northern State Medical University.

About 400 Russian and foreign scientists are expected to arrive in Arkhangelsk. For the first time, the city will receive such a considerable delegation of scientists from more than 23 countries conducting systematic research in the Arctic. Dozens of round-tables and discussions will take place, hundreds of reports and presentations will be delivered. Scientific sessions on 22 topical issues, closely interrelated with the thematic focus of the Week, will be held.

Schedule of the Arctic Science Week:
* May 22-23 - Meetings and sessions of IASC & partners
* May 24-25 - Days of Science: speakers' lectures, sessions, and poster presentations
* May 26 - Day of partners’ meetings, sessions, poster presentations
* May 27 - Business Day (presentations, sessions, the IASC medal award)
* May 28 - Indigenous Day and Science Day (sessions and poster presentations)

The summit will include the ceremony of the IASC medal - one of the most prestigious awards for Arctic research. The award is presented by the President of the IASC and is accompanied by a lecture by the laureate.

Participation in the Arctic Science Summit Week in Arkhangelsk will also provide early career scientists with exceptional opportunities to get new information and knowledge about the Arctic and get directly acquainted with the latest achievements in the research of the Arctic.

Abstract submission is February 28, and the the deadline for application for visa letters for participation in the Summit is March 31. You can register on the website or contact