The meeting was the first physical gathering of partners in the project “Strengthening circumpolar network in Arctic health research through mentorship, education and research activities”.

On the first day of the network meeting we mapped all Arctic organizations and networks involved in Arctic health research and education, followed by a Sharing Circle on common values.  The following day participants provided overviews of the regional perspectives concerning health and well-being and through series of exercises identified strengths and major. Furthermore, ideas for organizing and implementing the mentorship program were brought forward, targeted to engage more communication between younger and senior scholars in Arctic health research. On our final day together, we drafted next steps for the mentorship program and for improving our collaborations between and across networks. In the Closing Sharing Circle participants expressed their motivation to continue our joint journey to continue to improve and strengthen scientific research and education with a community-based and indigenous-led approach carried out in the Arctic on the themes of health and well-being.

In case of questions, please contact Project lead Christina Viskum Larsen or project coordinator and TN Vice-Lead Christine Ingemann