Closing date for applications: 1 November 2023
Starting date: 1 August 2024
Location: London
Basic salary: Approximately £69 000/year (exempt from UK income tax)

Profile: University graduate (preferably in natural or environmental sciences). Minimum of five years’ relevant professional experience.

Specific duties and responsibilities: Primarily responsible for the work under OSPAR’s Environmental Impacts of Human Activities Committee (EIHA), including, amongst others, marine litter, underwater noise, offshore renewables, ballast and biofouling, and protection of species and habitats (ICG-POSH). In addition, the person appointed will provide support to OSPAR’s Biodiversity Committee (BDC) and other areas of OSPAR’s work.

The primary function of the role is to support EIHA to deliver OSPAR’s agreed strategic and operational objectives, ensuring the preparation of documents needed for its meetings, reports of those meetings, and appropriate follow-up.

Required competencies:

  • good working knowledge of environmental policy of OSPAR Contracting Parties and its regulatory basis, with particular reference to the marine environment;
  • an understanding of the marine environment from an ecosystem perspective;
  • knowledge of practical, legal and institutional aspects of intergovernmental organisations;
  • the ability to address the application of environmental knowledge and information for the purposes of OSPAR’s objectives and ongoing work;
  • representational skills to present material to the Commission and its subsidiary bodies and to represent the views and policies of the Commission in other forums; and
  • strong organizational and administrative skills (including IT skills, among which should be familiarity with spreadsheets and data management

For a complete job description and instructions on how to apply please consult the OSPAR website: